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The central Library at GRD College has collections of books, national and international journals, internet facilities, audio visual aids , CD ,and media related to research in our primary subject specialties, including pharmacy practice, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences. Apart from the central library, department libraries are also available with minimum books related to respective field of specialization. General help with library use is provided by student assistants at the service desk. Materials placed on reserve at the request of a faculty member must be used in the Library. A photocopier and scanner are available in the Library.

A Library is a knowledge treasure. The Library plays a vital role in collecting the scientific and technical information and disseminating it in order to satisfy the current and future needs of the academic and research community. It contains a large number of textbooks and reference books for various pharmaceutical branches and allied subjects. It offers extensive access to journals and periodicals of national and international scientific research.

More than 10,000 books (2050 titles) relevant to the teaching, learning, training and practical needs of the Institute are housed in a well-equipped Institutional Library. More than 35 international and national journals (Science Direct and Bentham) and 93 e-journals are also available.

Library Services
Reading /Referencing
Book-bank facility
Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC (DELL NET)
National & International journals
Library Orientation Programs

Lecture Hall

GRD contains six classrooms, with the largest accommodating 60 students. It is equipped with retractable screens and audio-visual equipment like slide and film projectors, OHP, Video projector, LCD and Cameras. Lecture Hall and rooms are architecturally and aesthetically well designed and are well ventilated. The furniture in the rooms is economically designed for comfort sitting of the students. In addition to the traditional blackboards, to make the teaching-learning process multidimensional. Multimedia over-head projectors and LCD projectors are used. Moreover, the faculty adopts not simply the traditional lecture methodology. But also holds group discussion, quiz session, debates and other learner-cantered modules. Various other audio-visual aids are also used to enrich the teaching learning processes.


There are 13 laboratories are available with appropriate equipment and apparatuses where all students in a practice course can carry out the same experiment simultaneously. Shimadzu Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometers, ATR FTIR, Spectrofluorimeter (SFL), HPLC Analytical, HPP, CHP, Gas Chromatography, RPM, Tablet Coating machine, Kalweka Multispurious Equipment, Brookfield's Viscometer, Brookfield's RPV, Disintegration and Dissolution Test Apartment is also available teaching and research activities.

The Department of Pharmaceutics strive to become a centre of quality in academic circles, research and drug development with the goal of mounting novel drug delivery systems with cost effectual for efficient medication fulfilments. We offer a training environment which includes newer formulation laboratory instrumentation and technologies monitored by our experienced and dedicated staffs. The department is well equipped for both teaching and research activities. Academic and research excellence is achieved by altering curriculum, syllabus and pedagogy to meet the present necessities of pharmaceutical Industries, academics and regulatory bodies.

The Department of Pharmacology is an Important and Integral part of Pharmacy. The department has well equipped laboratory with sophisticated Instruments for conducting Pharmacology and Anatomy Physiology & Health Education Practical’s and also carrying out Research projects. The department goal is to prepare and produce highly knowledgeable and outstanding students for dynamic and successful careers in Pharmaceutical industry, Academics, R&D, Healthcare and Public sectors.

Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmaceutical analysis department is actively involved in imparting quality education to the students, to train them in analytical skills and preparing them for industrial carriers. This laboratory equipped with all the modern equipment’s for Instrumental methods of analysis. Special emphasis is laid on the implementation of good laboratory practices and analytical skills. The department focuses on handling and training on the use of modern analytical techniques for the graduate students. The Department has collaborated with various consultancies for doing projects in UV, FTIR and HPLC based analytical method development and validation.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
The subject of Pharmaceutical Chemistry plays a vital role in grooming a student into a true Pharma Professional. A deep knowledge on the design of Newer Chemical Entities, their molecular and bio-isosteric modifications developed to target drugs to the specific targets, elucidation and characterization of compounds, isolation of a bioactive compound from various natural products, QSAR, Docking, combinatorial and microwave techniques are extremely interesting and innovative.

Plants as the major source of the natural products have played vital roles in providing both food and drug materials. The aim and objective of the courses given by the department is to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge of the natural products. Students engaged in pharmacy and in other health professionals should know the role of natural products in discovery of drugs and their use and application in eradicating ailments. The students are given sufficient knowledge to be able to describe morphology and histology of different plant organs and identify drugs in the whole state and in powdered condition with suitable examples of medicinal plants. The students are reinforcing the knowledge of study of plant constituents and its isolation, identification, qualitative and quantitative evaluation, medicinal use and scale up process

Machine Room

The Machine Room has the most up-to-date machines and equipment for pilot projects, formulation and development injecting panes, tablets, capsules, oral fluids and ointment. It has a well-established machinery area that is usually met in the pharmaceutical industry and gives the aspiring pharmacist a window with which to understand the current pharmaceutical situation.

Central Instrumentation Room
The facility helps to share knowledge with all departments through constant interaction. Central instrumentation Laboratory equipped with modern instruments like spectra-fluorimeter, Ultrasonic homogenizer, UV spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Electrophoresis unit, High sensitivity digital balance etc. The Central Instrumentation Lab provides the students of the Institute with analytical and intellectual support. The projects are designed for immediate employment due to the excellent laboratory installations and to their proper use under the supervision of professors.

Medicinal Garden

Medicinal plants play a large role in people's lives and India has a rich variety of medicinal plants. Approximately 5 per cent of herbs are used to produce Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy. In an area of around 500 Sq. M, we have established a medicinal plant arboretum. The purpose of establishing this garden is to conserve the most common and important species of medicinal and aromatic plants used in primary care on a daily basis. All plant types have been authentically identified by taxonomists, their therapeutic values have been labelled and in many cases highlighted in the treatment of various diseases.

Computing Facilities

Computing facilities for students include a laboratory equipped with more than 30 computers for UG students connected to internet.

Key Facilities
A computer lab with 50 desktops from leading brands such as Acer, HCL & HP.
Adequate Printers, Copiers and Scanners for document imaging.
Healthy ' CAMPUS-LAN ' connected to any data access via structured fiber optic and CaT6 cable throughout campus
45Mbps of 1:1 Leased Line Internet Bandwidth Connectivity for educational and research purposes from class B Internet providers.
Selective MAC-binding, ' Wi-Fi ' provision in Blocks and Hostels in the campus
LCD projectors in classrooms to set the ICT method for teaching
CCTV Surveillance at exam halls to ensure safety.
Uninterrupted power supply through 38KVA and 250KVA online power supply units and generators

Class Rooms

All Classrooms have a LCD projector, audio system, and internet connections via LAN and wireless Internet access. The e-Classroom provides an on-line learning environment where students can access online course materials

Advantages of e-Classrooms are hereunder
Ready updates on pharmacy and medical science progress
Live demonstration of complex experiments
Facility for regular online GPAT tests and other competitive tests

Drug Information Center

Drug Information Centre in GRD College of Pharmacy stands out to help health providers meet the growing needs of our profession. The Department of Pharmacy Practice provides a wide range of services for people, ranging from healthcare to patients. We cannot express with words the satisfaction that flows in our approach to changing pharmacists ' outlook from a product to a patient.

The process of providing information on the safe and effective use of therapeutic and diagnostic pharmaceutics is the drug information process. The term "Medicines information “is used as well, and has a meaning in this context similar to "Drugs information".

DIC service has not just provided information on drugs but also identifies and addresses other unmet needs of health care professionals and patients. The main area is education and keeping the pharmacist informed about the latest news. It contains news about the latest developments, approved new medication and a quarter queries, among other things.


GRD Institutions provide very good hostel facilities for students away from home for their education. In excel, the hostel has a good infrastructure for both Boys and Girls students to stay comfortably. In hostel various activities and facilities are provided in an efficient manner. GRD hostel provide single, two and multiple member rooms.

Facilities in Both Men’s and Women’s Hostel.
Sophisticated bath attached rooms with 50 capacities in each Men’s and Women’s Hostel.
Spacious dining hall is available in all the hostels with modern kitchen.
Quality and hygienic food at affordable price and separate menus to suit the tastes of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and North & North Eastern state students.
RO Purified water is available at each floor.
Health clinic with residential doctor at specified hours, sick room and 24 hours’ ambulance service in the campus is functioning.
24 Hours, WI-FI connection is provided.
Separate Internet Centre for Browsing.
Each and every room is provided with Daily Newspaper to improve their reading habits and General knowledge.
Gym facility is provided to the students for body fitness.
Indoor games are provided inside the hostel.
4 Shuttle badminton and 3 Volley Ball courts are available in the campus.
Beauty salons for boys and beauty parlour for girls is available in the hostel.
Screening of films in big screen at the weekends.
Unique National Integration, hostel provides a platform to interact with other state students.
Well experienced and Friendly wardens are available to guide, to counsel and to motivate the students.


For the benefit of Students and Faculty members, GRD Institutions buses are being operated from the nearby places like THIRUVALLUR - TIRUTHANI.

Transport is provided at a convenient time to reach the campus. A fleet of buses are running for the day scholars comfortably to and from their homes. Public Transport is quite convenient and frequent because the campus is located on National Highway. All public transport buses Running between THIRUVALLUR and TIRUTHANI will stop in front of the GRD Institutions Campus.

Nearest Railway Station
Sub urban trains from Chennai central and Arakonam will stop at Thiruvallur railway station very frequently.

Nearest BUS STAND:

Medical Centre

Students avail services offered at medical centre situated in the GRD INSTITUTION. The health clinic with residential doctor at specified hours offer their services with sick room and 24 hours’ ambulance service in the campus is functioning round the clock.


Department of Physical Education is equipped with all indoor and outdoor facilities for the staff and students. Both men and women take part in individual and group activities of different nature. “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” GRD Group of Institutions provides all sports and games facilities along with immense opportunities to the students to prove their skills and expertise in sports and games. We encourage all the students to take part in every activity.

Sports facilities: Facilities for Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Tennis, Basket Ball, Shuttle Badminton, Ball Badminton Courts, indoor games, 400 meters Athletics Track with all modern facilities for field events.